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President, Development & Franchising

Prior to joining Champion, Mr. Bradley has enjoyed a 40-year career in the real estate development/investment business and a 20-year career in the hospitality business.

Coleman started his career in the Late 1980’s as a consultant working on real estate loan workout activities for failed federally insured banks and savings and loan institutions. Properties were located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.

Coleman then became President of Pacific United Development and  represented a publicly traded company from Asia in US real estate investments. These Investments were primarily acquired from the Resolution Trust Corporation (Federal Government). Transactions included the acquisition and development of commercial (office and retail) and residential properties in Dallas, TX; residential property in Austin, TX; commercial (retail) and residential/golf properties in Nashville, TN. Coleman was also instrumental in assisting the investors in the acquisition of regional volume homebuilding companies in both the Texas and Florida markets.

In the 2000’s Coleman formed a partnership with a South Florida real estate developer (Franklin Realty Investors and CB Franklin Land, LLC) to acquire assets in the Nashville, Tennessee market. Coleman served as general partner managing all facets of the Partnership. Assets consisted of a 70-acre commercial land project which included land sales to Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Toyota and the Tennessee Department of Transportation in excess of $34,000,000, a 17- acre commercial project sold to Duke Realty Investment Trust, in excess of $8,000,000 and an 11-acre commercial project sold to Drury Hotel Corporation in excess of $11,000,000.

Also, in the 2000’s Coleman established KenKayla Real Estate to develop, construct and own Quick Service Restaurant “QSR” properties. Eleven “QSR” developments were completed in the Charlotte, North Carolina market and leased to Boom Holdings, LLC which was a “OSR” franchisee.

Concurrently, Coleman established Atlantic Acquisition Group LLC to acquire/develop real estate in the South Atlantic states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

Coleman also established BRH Enterprises to own and operate a “QSR” concept. The company grew from a startup to 350 employees and to $11,000,000 in revenue over a 5-year period. The “QSR” operating business assets were sold in 2017.

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